Blackguard Like To Rip Off Beer Labels?

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A short tidbit on something I noticed whilst reading Decibel, a uncanny similarity between Blackguard‘s Profugus Mortis album art and Quebec based Unibrue’s Beer, Maudite.

I would hardly call this a coincidence, however, I’m not slamming Blackguard for choosing to emulate a beer label. Probably a beer they really enjoy.

On that note, I think you should all check out Blackguard‘s Profugus Mortis and some Unibrue beer.  Do both at the same time. And drive.

Not really.



Blackguard – Profugus Mortis

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I have known about Blackguard’s music by the way of Profugus Mortis for a number of years. Out of all of the Canadian Folk Metal bands, I always thought they were the tightest and most unique sounding. So when I heard they were signing to Nuclear Blast, I was almost ecstatic. Seemed as though Canadian metal was finally making more of a buzz with Folk Metal music, after Melodic Death with Kataklysm, Deathcore from Despised Icon, and Brutal Death from old men, Cryptopsy. Though disappointed with the name change, their “first” record (they released one record previously as Profugus Mortis) bearing their old name more than delivers the Epic Folk Metal I had spent years enjoying, and hearing before some of my favorite bands. Continue reading

Týr – By the Light of the North Star

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Almost exactly one year after Faroese Folk Metal-ers Týr released their fourth studio album Land, they come out again with By the Light of the North Star, yet another take on Týr’s own brand of traditional Faroese Island folk – metal fusion. While 2008’s Land continued the trend of Ragnarok with slow, melodic songs focused on song structure and incorporating traditional melodies in a more progressive metal format, this recent effort points toward a more show based approach of faster songs and song progressions. This, after a few years of touring with the likes of Ensiferum, Turisas, and Alestorm, seems as a push more into those bands’ type of sound. Continue reading

The Top 21 Albums of the 21st Century…so far #4

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#4 Ensiferum – Iron


Let’s face it, anything Jari Mäenpää gets his hands on turns into gold…or maybe some sort of wintery, Finnish super metal.  Either way, Ensiferum are amazing, and yes, it’s as simple as that.  When I first heard Ensiferum I was blown away.  I had no previous exposure to metal with any folk influences at all and was shocked at how much more “Viking” this band was compared to Amon Amarth.  I acted immediately grabbing both their self-titled and their second full length Iron.  As time went on I learned every note to every song on both albums, but there was, and still is, something extraordinary about Iron. Continue reading

Metal Video Games?

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In the past while, some bands have been releasing sort of shitty online flash games that promote a new release. Both Iron Maiden and Swashbuckle have released such games, and are both not good in a video game sense, but amusing simply because listening to Iron Maiden or Swashbuckle during a video game is fucking awsome.  Shooting Cruise ships? Landing giant speakers to Maiden fans around the world? Am I the only one that finds all of this so entertaining, despite the sillyness?

swashbuckle game

The Swashbuckle game, sorta simple.

ironmaiden game

Iron Maiden allows for some video unlocks.

Fuck who ever doesn’t think this is awsome, I love this shit. Pictures have links to the games for whoever is interested. And yes, I do have the highest score on the Swashbuckle game.

The Top 21 Albums of the 21st Century…so far #5

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#5 Bloodbath – Nightmares Made Flesh


No one brings back that old school death metal feeling quite like Bloodbath.  Sweden’s “super-group” has been making killer death metal since 1999 and with their most recent release, The Fathomless Mastery, they continue what they started with earlier releases like Resurrection Through Carnage and the classic from 2004, Nightmares Made Flesh.  NMF is a classic in my opinion.  For such a recent release I feel it is timeless and I’m sure ill be spinning it for many more years.  This is also the only Bloodbath album to feature Swedish metal god Peter Tagtren on voKILLS. Continue reading

Thor’sday Pagan Metal Questage

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In the past week I haven’t been listening to much Pagan Metal, as I mentioned earlier, I have been spinning Weekend Nachos and the new Agoraphobic Nosebleed split with Toronto’s The Endless Blockade. Nick also wrote a review for that, you should read it. However, I do have some music for all four of you that actually read this and want more (and I know who you are). So, to start, Quorthon’s sister covering one of his classic Viking Metal era songs Song to Hall Up High:

Here’s a link to the original version.

The Second video has nothing to do with Pagan Metal, but is an excellent animation about vikings and giants and all that good stuff. Check it out after the jump.

Continue reading