Metal Video Games?

In the past while, some bands have been releasing sort of shitty online flash games that promote a new release. Both Iron Maiden and Swashbuckle have released such games, and are both not good in a video game sense, but amusing simply because listening to Iron Maiden or Swashbuckle during a video game is fucking awsome.  Shooting Cruise ships? Landing giant speakers to Maiden fans around the world? Am I the only one that finds all of this so entertaining, despite the sillyness?

swashbuckle game

The Swashbuckle game, sorta simple.

ironmaiden game

Iron Maiden allows for some video unlocks.

Fuck who ever doesn’t think this is awsome, I love this shit. Pictures have links to the games for whoever is interested. And yes, I do have the highest score on the Swashbuckle game.


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