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Blackguard – Profugus Mortis

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I have known about Blackguard’s music by the way of Profugus Mortis for a number of years. Out of all of the Canadian Folk Metal bands, I always thought they were the tightest and most unique sounding. So when I heard they were signing to Nuclear Blast, I was almost ecstatic. Seemed as though Canadian metal was finally making more of a buzz with Folk Metal music, after Melodic Death with Kataklysm, Deathcore from Despised Icon, and Brutal Death from old men, Cryptopsy. Though disappointed with the name change, their “first” record (they released one record previously as Profugus Mortis) bearing their old name more than delivers the Epic Folk Metal I had spent years enjoying, and hearing before some of my favorite bands. Continue reading


Týr – By the Light of the North Star

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Almost exactly one year after Faroese Folk Metal-ers Týr released their fourth studio album Land, they come out again with By the Light of the North Star, yet another take on Týr’s own brand of traditional Faroese Island folk – metal fusion. While 2008’s Land continued the trend of Ragnarok with slow, melodic songs focused on song structure and incorporating traditional melodies in a more progressive metal format, this recent effort points toward a more show based approach of faster songs and song progressions. This, after a few years of touring with the likes of Ensiferum, Turisas, and Alestorm, seems as a push more into those bands’ type of sound. Continue reading